MEMBERS of the 12z collective spreading the event: Sonica Festival on 26th of Nov and the [sessionz]

12z's new release out on 6th of April via Nicolas Jaar's label Other People!

With their new album entitled The Free Fall Inspirations, Hungarian electroacoustic duo 12z [onetwozed] present an eclectic palette of intricate, improvisatory tone poems. The Free Fall Inspirations marks another direction in 12z's work, being their first entirely electronic recording. The album was sparked by György Pálfi’s film Free Fall, for which it was recorded as a potential score, but it stands strong independently, conjuring its own strange images.

This is the first of two upcoming full-lengths with the label and the second, Trembling Air, will follow in just a few months for which 12z created a sneak preview compiled from B-Sides for Tiny Mix Tapes:

12z [sessionz] podcast // 2013. 10.04. //

Download the podcast created for easterndaze or visit the blog to stream all of our recorded sessions featuring Lawrence Lek and Andi Schmied, Micachu and Fran Levi, Márk Bartha, Árpád Kiss, Carla Under Water, Alpár, András Halmos, The Stanley Maneuver, and Palmovka.

12z is obsessed with building musical structures through improvisation especially when others join to spread ideas. The only rule is there's no rule or at least one: do not let ourselves be comfortable with what we've learnt before.

Remixes album out // 2013. 08.14. // Farbwechsel Label

Improvised and experimental yet theme based jamming trio with psychedelia flavoured mondogothic hauntology: 12z is pulsating and corporal, yet disintegrated in shattered melodies and cinematic drones from the golden era of euro exploitation. 12z is never nostalgic though - operates with guitar, drums and electronica with additional shades of kalimba, viola and non-identifiable objects: seemingly more conceptual of an impro trio, also too ambiguous for being defined by well known retro images and genres, 12z is fresh and in constant search for undiscovered musical terrains. • by Küss Mich

12z: 12z [onetwozed]
Limited Edition Cassette (50pcs.)
Released on the 13th of May 2013
by Farbwechsel Records

articles and reviews

12z - playful sonic adventures by Lucia Udvardyova on Easterndaze

"Their self-titled album is a psychedelic meddley, manouvering through various sonic territories - art / rock / ambient / free / jazz / experimental / electronics. A syneasthetic soundtrack to hazy faded afternoons, with a dash of Eastern nostalgia, but essentially, uncategorisable, and good that way."

A fekete bohóc bosszúja by András Rónai on Quart

"Ami a lemezt illeti, ennyire nem könnyü elsöre meghallani, mitöl annyira jó; elöször inkább a részletek tünnek fel, de idövel egyre jobban megnyílik. Egységes összkép vagy könnyen felvázolható történet nem bontakozik ki, inkább összefüggések, utalások bonyodalmas, élvezettel feltárható hálója. Nagyon megéri rászánni az idöt."

Barangolás az improvizáció berkeiben by Csaba László Danczi on

"Elsö hallásra, egy üveg somogyi bor kíséretében azt éreztem, hogy régen, fájdalmasan régen hallottam ilyen jó zenét [...] Sajnos, az ismételt hallgatás nem segített. Most, a sokadik próba után érzem, hogy komoly gondok vannak vele. [...] aki nyitott füllel hallgatja meg, az nagyon is élvezni fogja. Ahogy abban is reménykedek, hogy sok ilyen nyitott fülü ember van, mert én – ha nem is mindig egyenlö mértékben, de – élveztem."

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Album available on casette tape // 2013. 05.23. // Farbwechsel