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Upcoming live gigs

07.14. 20:00 – Bánki tó festival, S10 stage – Gnú
07.19. 19:00 – IDW, Budapest – Solo
07.20. 21:00 – Gólya, Budapest – Czitrom&Porteleki
07.21. 23:30 – Campus Festival, Debrecen – Mezei Szilárd Septet
07.23. 22:30 – Valley Of Arts, Kapolcs – Trio Porteleki/Tärn/Pärnoja
07.25. 20:30 – Szimpla Garden, Budapest - Trio Porteleki/Tärn/Pärnoja
08.05 16:00 – Ördögkatlan Festival, Hungary - Czitrom&Porteleki
08.07 20:00 – Pontoon Bar, Budapest – Pedro Problem
08.31 20:30 – Szimpla Garden - Czitrom&Porteleki
09.13. 21:00 – Kék Ló Pub, Budapest – Thisnis
09.29. 21:00 – Újbuda Jazz festival, Mu Theater, Budapest – Akosh S. & Áron Porteleki
09.30. 21:00 – Újbuda Jazz festival, A38, Budapest – Gnú
10.06-07. 20:00 – Mu Theater, Budapest – Imre Vass: Hype premiere
11.17. 21:00 – Uránia National Film Theater, Budapest – Akosh S. Unit

02.08-09 – Trafó House of Contemporary Arts – Máté Mészáros: U.S.A. premier

Past performances (selected)

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Bands & Projects
- Thisnis
- Akosh S. Unit
- Duo with Akosh S. (sax.)
- Duo with Ádám Czitrom (git.)
- 12z
- Dorota
- Porteleki-Pärnoja-Tärn
- Poros
- Argo

Theater & Dance
- Big Blonde & John (while you are at work) – movement, text, music, premiered in 2016
- Co-Exit – music, conception, movement, premiered in 2016
- Skin me - composition, on stage performance on drums and viola, premiered in 2013
- Hinoki – composition, on stage performance on stage on drums, guitars, electronics, turntable, self made instruments, premiered in 2014
- Visszaröpülés (Daidalos reconstructions) - composition, on stage performance on drums, percussion, piano, double-bass, chello, vocal, movement
- Save as - composition, on stage performance on drums, guitars, vocal
- Gender studies I. (Molnár Csaba; Dányi Viktória) – composition, electronics, movement
- Kiterjesztések (Andaxinház) – drums
- Bárki Bármikor - Pintér Béla és Társulata – drums

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I am a Hungarian, Budapest based drummer and viola player. I work with several music groups in the field of free improvised, contemporary, electronic, jazz and folk music, as well as creating music for contemporary dance & theater pieces. As a kid I learned on a special type of viola with 3-strings from gypsys in Transylvania, and later took jazz drum lessons from different hungarian masters. I studied cultural anthropology at ELTE, Budapest.

As a drummer I’m interested in a type of improvisation which is above genres and forms, and relying only on the present situation. I’m also experimenting with the possible connections between different approaches of improvisation found in folk music and jazz. I’m developing a non metrical special way of rubato playing on drums which is mainly comes from my folk music experiences as a viola player, but also mixed with the traditions of free-jazz.

I played improvised concerts with Clayton Thomas, Hilary Jeffery; Akosh S., Mihály Dresch, István Grencsó, Vitor Rua, Andreas Backer, Dávid Somló, Lawrence Williams, Zlatko Baracskai but also collaborated with bands like Wovenhand, Deti Picasso, Muzsikás, Volkova Sisters.

As a performer I’ve been invited for festivals such as Ring Ring (SRB); Ljubljana Jazz Festival; Festival Les Vieilles Charrues; Dour Festival, Belgium; ICAS SUITE, Berlin; Next Festival, Bratislava; UH Festival, Hu; Ars Nova Kosice, Sziget Festival, Hu.

I work constantly with internationally well knowned choreographers and dancers like Máté Mészáros (Ultima Vez); Imre Vass (ex-Ultima Vez); Csaba Molnár (Hodworks); Viktória Dányi (Bloom!). In a collaborative work with the dancers i made music for several piecesof them and performed in festivals like New Dance Festival, Beijing; 8th Gdansk Dance Festival; Abrons Art Center, NYC; Impulstanz, Vienna; Aerowaves Spring Forward, Umeo; Julidans Festival, Amsterdam.